Belterra Casino & Resort, Florence, IN, USA (26.04.2003):

Reports from Wayne Collins, Jim Dickerson, Kay Martin and Devin Miller.

(photographs copyright by Devin Miller any use of the photographs without permission is prohibited. )




The Belterra Hotel and Casino is, from even the most liberal viewpoint, an extremely surrealistic setting.
Jutting grotesquely above the beautiful rolling landscape along the Ohio River, the facility provides
food and shelter that is only a dream to the poor residents living in eyesight of its neo-hillbilly
façade. In the casino, the liquor flows as freely as the river, the smoke billowing in the air like the
mist over the water on a crisp Indiana morning. Gamblers watch their dreams rise and fall with a final
roll of the dice or push of the button on a slot machine.

Behind the scenes, Jerry was in his dressing room waiting to go on. As Kenny played the last song of
his set, everyone got up and went towards the stage. Jerry listened to Kenny play "Matchbox," smiled and
sang along.

For those attending his concert, Jerry Lee Lewis provided 45 minutes of heartfelt reality. In fine form
with his crack band able to follow his every move, Lewis sang of the joy and sorrow of the ordinary man.
From the pain of "You Win Again" and "What's Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made a Fool Out of Me)" to the
happiness of "Sweet Little Sixteen" and "You Belong to Me," Lewis provided a connection to every point in
every life. With his nearly half century career impossible to capture in any performance, Lewis can
only sprinkle a few gems at any one time. As the audience raced back to the gaming tables when Lewis
left the stage, they could only hope the casino would be as generous as Lewis had just been. No doubt "Over
the Rainbow" provided hope for the remainder of their evening.

Jerry Lee Lewis performed at the Belterra Casino in Florence, Indiana April 26. What a fantastic night...

The songs:

Roll Over Beethoven
You Win Again
Sweet Little Sixteen
CC Rider
Boogie Woogie Man from Tennessee
You Belong to Me
(Someone yells "Great Balls of Fire"
Jerry says "No, I am not gonna play that one tonight"
crowd boos and yells. Jerry kicks into GBOF and stops
..crowd freaks out..."I'll play that song for sure
before I leave tonight" crowd goes nuts.)
Before the Night Is Over
Over the Rainbow
Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
What's Made Milwaukee Famous
Chantilly Lace
Whole Lot a Shakin' Goin' On
Don't Put No Headstone on My Grave
Great Balls of Fire

It was a fun night, great music, band was on it, and
Jerry kicked some butt on the piano!



Report from Nicole Larson

"I was at Jerry Lee Lewis' official website and was reading over your concert review of the Beaumont,
Texas show, and it's getting me even more excited than I already am about my very first live Jerry Lee
Lewis concert experience. I going to see him April 26 at the Belterra Casino in Indiana and I can't wait.
It's going to be very different than seeing Dennis Quaid playing him in "Great Balls of Fire." He's been
around the Cincinnati area plenty of times, but I've never known about them until it was a few days too
late & I told myself I'm dead set on seeing him before I die. I'm only 21 years old and I have loved him
since the tender age of 7 when my parents rented the movie. Ever since then I've been a huge fan &
totally convinced that I was born in the wrong era...instead of being made in the 80's, it should have been in
the 40's to where I would have been old enough to enjoy his music when it first came out...might've been a
totally different experience....

Anyway, I was just wondering how he acts on stage. I mean, let's face it.he's getting up there in age,
but does he act like it or, or still goin' at it like it was the very beginning? Like kicking that piano
bench and rocking out like he used to, jumping on top of the piano keys, etc. I told my mom that I was going
to get on stage if it killed me and sing a song with him. I think that'd be an awesome experience, but
knowing my luck, they'll kick me out. I do hope he has a good turn out, considering the Belterra Center Stage
Room can hold up to 1,450 people. I'll make it my top priority to get in the front of that line if I have to
wait all day." Another generation of Jerry Lee Lewis fans!!! Of course, I encouraged Nicole to go to the show and
have a blast, which she did. Here is her report: "It was probably one of the BEST concerts I've ever
been to & I was totally blown away by how amazing it was. I was in total awe the whole entire time he was
up there playing away like he was still a young guy. I'd have to say my favorite part was during "Great
Balls of Fire" when he knocked over his piano bench. That was unexpected for me anyways, because I
didn't think in a million years that he'd do it. I'd love to get to see him again sometime soon...just an
amazing experience is all I can say. He totally rocked the Belterra!"