Blackpool, England Opera House (28.02.2004)

Source: Christian Leibbrandt

Jerry Lee Lewis - Mit 68 Jahren noch immer der Killer

Am 28. Februar habe ich Jerry Lee`s Konzert in Blackpool/England besucht. Es war das fünfte Konzert
seiner elf tägigen Tournee durch Europa die in Schottland am 20. Februar begann.
Als er auf die Bühne kam sah er gut gelaunt aus. Und so war er auch. Sein Klavierspiel war kräftig und
schnell und seine Stimme war laut und klar. Er brachte Songs wie "No Headstone on My Grave", "I´ve got A
Woman" oder "Lewis Boogie" nach 39 Minuten beendte er leider sein Konzert mit "Great Balls Of Fire"


Source: David Hamer

I have just arrived back from the Blackpool show...all I can say is WOW!
An amazing performance from the Killer, even better than the Newcastle
show. Again he kicked off with Roll Over Beathoven, which was extended
by several verses, and included some fantastic piano solo.

For me, No Headstone On My Grave was the highlight... he did the slow
blues and then went into the rock and roll version. At the end he said
"I dont want one of those little grave stones, I want a big gold
monument".Again he did Lewis Boogie for the crowd.

He did accidently do Wine Spoole'o twice, but realised after a few bars
and stopped.Jerry smiled more in this show than I have seen on any video, he seemed
to enjoy it very much. The sound was outstanding tonight, Jerry played
extreamly well and included some classic piano riffs.

I dont have time for a full review right now, as the girlfriend has
been left alone long enough these past few days. But I must mention the
very odd ending to the show; He finished with Whole Lotta Shakin &
GBOF, and we all thought he was about to leave the stage.... but instead
he asked Blondell back onto the stage for a duet.... but instead of
doing a duet he waited for Blondell to start singing, and then got up
and left the stage... giving a brief wave of recognition to the crowd.

The show last 38 fantastic minute!! Cant wait for tomorrow night.
Sorry Im in a hrry and dont even have time to spell check.