Jerry Lee at the Lehman Center in the Bronx, NY (03.07.2001):


Report and photos from Tim Congdon, he is the New York Representative of the Jerry Lee Lewis Fan Club:

Tim with Jerry Lee

micheal lee waiting with jerry before he went on stage



(photographs copyright by Tim Congdon any use of the photographs without permission is prohibited. )


July 3rd, jerry lee played at lehman college in the bronx. jerry seemed in good spirits and welcomed the few of us visitorsbackstage and into his dressing room. the band-kenny, bb, robert and bill set up while we talked to jerry, who looked greatin his new sharkskin shirt.

After the band warmed up the crowd, jerry took the stage and played 12 songs:

roll over beethoven , you win again, boogie-woogie country man, cc rider,over the rainbow, what made milwaulkee famous,

drinkin' wine, sweet little sixteen, 39 and holding, whole lotta shakin', trouble in mind and great balls of fire.

he really seemed to enjoy himself, and played with enthusiasm. the crowd gave him a standing ovation, but jerry was already on his way to the waiting limo with michael lee, doug cooke, 2 plainclothes ny policemen, and myself escorting him through the crowd waiting at the rear entrance of the concert hall. after signing a few autographs from the back of the limo, the white lincoln rolled off into the dark, narcotic bronx night. I went back into the hall and got my water bottle from the dressing room and stood at the wing of the stage as an entourage led little richard right up next to me while his band was winding down their opening numbers. one of richard's sidemen turned and scowling, told me, "there're no drinks allowed on stage!" with all due respect to little richard, I said, "don't worry, killer, I'm just far as I'm concerned, the show is over."



Report and photos from Kay Martin:

Kay Martin

and Jerry Lee

(photographs copyright by Kay Martin any use of the photographs without permission is prohibited. )


On July 4th, Don Gervasi had this to say: "Linda and I saw Jerry Lee last night perform on a joint bill with Little Richard at Lehman College in the Bronx. Kay, Doug from Chevy Chase Md, Kathleen from Manhattan-who is moving to New Orleans, Steve Montgomery, 'the Rockabilly Kid' with his mom visiting from Phoenix Az, and Tim Congdon from upstate NY were there. We all got a chance to chat. We got to say hello to Jerry in his dressing room just before he did his thing onstage. He was in good spirits, looked good, sharply dressed as always, wearing a dark red shirt Mike Lee had purchased for him in California. He gave a real lively concert. Somebody called out "play What made Milwaukee Famous". Jerry did a fantastic job on that number. He also did Over the Rainbow, CC Rider, Sweet Little 16, You Win Again, lots more. He ended the set with a long rendition of GBOF. Great show. We clapped and cheered after Ken's tasty guitar solos and he acknowledged that appreciatively with a nod of his head. Jerry played remarkably as always. He got a standing ovation. We really enjoyed the concert. It was so fine to see Jerry again. What a nice way to celebrate the 4th of July!!"

Best, Kay Martin