Farum, Denmark, Farum Arena (03.03.2006)

Source: Folke Myrvang


Set list:

The Band:
1. Columbus Stockage Blues
2. Lonely Weekends
3. Bye Bye Johnny / Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
4. Boppin' The Blues

1. Roll Over Beethoven
2. You Win Again
3. Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
4. Don't Put No Headstone On My Grave
5. Sweet Little 16
6. Johnny B. Goode
7. Trouble In Mind
8. Before The Night Is Over
9. Touching Home
10. In the Mood
11. You Belong To Me
12. Lewis Boogie
13. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
14. Great Balls Of Fire


Farum is just outside Copenhagen and was easy to get to. I arrived with Daniel from Norway and after lots of walking we finally caught up with the band and Christian Leibrandt. Wolfgang was sighted, but disappeared quickly. Gunilla and Göran as well as Hans Jabell, Perk and many other Swedish fans that I had not seen for many years were there, as well as Jan Jensen from Halden, Norway. Tore and Anne Lill was there, Steen was of course there as well as many others, Rolf & Bruno, dont get offended if I leave any out........ it was just another great night !

Daniel and I were among a group of lucky fans that had the chance to position ourselves by the sound booth, with a clear view of Jerry, as well as Ken and Buck. BB and Robert were slightly obscured, though. The sound guy normally has a good sound in his area of the venue, so it is a good place to be.

Jerry arrived in good shape, smoking a huge cigar and smiling and waving, having the bull by the horn, obviously. I had hoped that Daniel would get his autograph and a picture, but they brought Jerry backstage through another hallway, so all we got was a pic from a few meters away.

The piano was a modern electric grand that sounded fairly good for an electric, certainly better than the Yamahas Jerry used to play. Whether this was a new requirement to cope with sound problems or if it was coincidental remains to be seen later in the tour.

The guys kicked off their usual routine, Columbus Stockage Blues, Lonely Weekends, Bye Bye Johnny / Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller and Boppin' The Blues. Ken was looking for the Killer, and had to reassure the Danes that the Killer was indeed in the building. BB kicked off Sick and Tired, but was only warming it up when Jerry strode onstage puffing the cigar, stinking up the whole area, HA HA. A great entrance, wish I had been able to get a picture of it.

ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN was no surprise as an opener, neither was the Hank WIlliams classic YOU WIN AGAIN, complete with Hank Williams wrote it, and ending it on bended'a knees. Jerry played long piano solos in each song, Beethoven never sounded better, what a strong voice and fast fingers!! He was sipping from his local soft drink, which was quickly replaced with a Pepsi by Gary Cunningham, BB's son who is also on the trip with his dad.

DRINKIN' WINE SPO DEE-O-DEE was next, followed by NO HEADSTONE ON MY GRAVE (I want a monument!), the occasional dry comment by the Killer and he was sipping the soft drink between most numbers. After HEADSTONE, someone shouted out a comment and Jerry quipped back that "If that wasn't rock'n'roll enough for you, I cant help you" and thundered into SWEET LITTLE SIXTEEN and JOHNNY B GOODE, both in great versions with lots of piano and guitar solos.

TROUBLE IN MIND followed and then BEFORE THE NIGHT IS OVER; but no reference to the new album this time. He started BEFORE in a higher tempo than usual and they all fumbled around with it and found the right groove. A reprise from saturday followed with a short version of TOUCHING HOME; but with good piano work. The requests were many, but IN THE MOOD was picked up and it was the highlight of the night for me, although Jerry wanted to play it even longer it seemed when they ended it. Great solos and lots and lots of pumpin piano on this one. YOU BELONG TO ME was the next number, nice version, Jerry then said that he thought that someone might want to hear LEWIS BOOGIE and that he'd give it a try although he was not sure if he could remember all the words. He did well and threw in a few good solos as well.

Jerry seems to pace himself well these days and takes a short break between each song. After his Boogie had us going, he started to talk about the Johnny Cash movie, but was interrupted by another request. This was not the time or place, and Jerry got really pissed. He stood up and was about to leave, but Ken talked him into staying. JW was on his way out on stage to get him, but calmed down and we all watched The Killer thunder through his two big hits and then it was over. I doubt we would have been treated to much more if he hadnt been interrupted, but you never know. Would have been nice to hear Jerry do I WALK THE LINE for example.

We gathered at the hotel bar for beer and music and stories, then back to Copenhagen and Tore and I had a few more beers at a pub.

See ya'll in Munich, folks.


Source: Chrisitan Leibbrandt