Tupelo, MS - Elvis Presley Days 02.06.2001


Niek van de Klundert received the following e-mail from the USA:

"Just got home from the Elvis Festival in Tupelo, MS, and thought I'd let you know that it was FANTASTIC!!! WISH YOU COULD HAVE BEEN THERE. All of the entertainment was absolutely great, but Jerry Lee was FANTASTIC!!!!

He looks so good. Had on a tan suit with brown shirt. After singing about 3 songs, he took off his tie and threw it down on the floor. Said it might just be his imagination, but he felt like it was choking him--then laughed and said , "It probably is my imagination." He opened the show with Roll Over Beethoven, and ended with Great Balls of Fire. He performed for about 45 minutes. He was in fine form and everybody had a fabulous time. Kerrie also came in, she was sitting over to the side of the stage with Jerry and about 40 more friends and people from the festival. Within 2 minutes after his coming on stage, everybody was up on their feet singing along and dancing in the isles. He really knows how to "rock" the audience. He looked the best--health wise--that I had seen in a long time.He strolled upon stage last night with a pipe (you know- the kind you smoke) in his mouth. He sat down on his piano stool, laid the pipe down on the top of the piano, and then broke into Roll Over Beethoven".