Linda Gail Lewis at the "Rockabilly Circus", Burgwedel - Germany (03.08.2002):


Report and photos from Christian Leibbrandt:

(photographs copyright by Christian Leibbrandt any use of the photographs without permission is prohibited. )

Thanks Christian for the great autograph from Linda Gail !


Hello Fans and friends from Linda Gail Lewis,

I am just back from the "Rockabilly Circus" in Burgwedel. The weather was fine and it was a good atmosphere there. But not many peoples was there - sad but true. Before Linda comes on the stage she was waiting in her car outside of the circus. I have used the time to talk to her. She signed me a record a book and more. She is a very gentle person. She talks to me about her brandnew cd. It is a great album. On the cd is also a videoclip! The cd is at the momemt only available over Linda says that there is at the moment no distributer in Germany.

On stage:

Linda was in a very good mood. She plays 70 minutes.
And she plays lot of rockin´ songs:
Crazy arms
Rockin´ my life away
Old black joe
Johnny b. Good
Roll over Beethoven
Great balls of fire
High school confidential

and a lot more.

She was very very powerfull on the piano. Her voice was very good and clear. She was pumpinī the piano that i was totaly impressed. Unbelievable. After her great show she spends a lot of time with her fans. She takes time for every fan to talk and to sign things. Thank you Linda for the great evening. I hope that you come back to Germany very quick. Letīs keep rockinī Christian Leibbrandt