City Hall, Newcastle, England (26.02.04 )


Source: Graham Knight

I will leave the actual review to David and others who were there.
Last night is the first night I have had 4 hours sleep!

Just enough to say Jerry was driven through a snow storm to the hall.
He arrived after the band had started and he was in good shape and

On stage he said, "It is 42 years since I was in this hall - it seems
like yesterday to me". He got a great ovation at the beginning and
end of the show.

Highlight for me was Jerry doing a request from the aufience
for "Lewis Boogie". He remembered all the words and after he had
received riotous applause for his performany of this eponymous song
he said "There aint no doubt who wrote that one!"

David Hamer, Adele and Kay had the best seats in the house in the
front row right in front of Jerry.

I am off to Blackpool now to meet Maarten and Neik Jerry is staying
here at the hotel in Newcastle for one more day.

The TV crew have some pretty good interviews and had two cameramen on
stage and two more in the audience. Chas Hodges did the sound check
and the sound was the best yet. Some of the recorded TV footage is



Source: jonny williams

Jerry Lee was on splendid form at newcastle, I know there will be a
more indepth review later on, but he looked good, the band sounded
great, Jerry for me was in brilliant voice, the piano was great
although he seemed unhappy with it in the first couple of songs, and
asked kenny to "do something" kenny replied something like "like
what?" Jerry said "I dont care what you do, just do it" This was
mostly off Mic, but being lucky enough to have a front row seat I
could hear it.Everything sounded great outfront.
Then off he went continuing with "Before the night is over" "you win
again", a request for "Lewis Boogie", "trouble in mind" "SWeet little
16" with some fantastic vocals, and playing, but all to soon it was
over.....and i mean all too soon !
In summing up, Jerry put on a fantastic show ....but only do
thirty minutes was pitiful ! 45 minutes is just about acceptable and
everything seemed to be going great, the sound, the band and the
audience were with him from the start.
Lets hope he doesnt cut another 15 minutes from the set at Blackpool!!
can anybody post the link to the scottish today thing, I have looked
through the messages and cant seem to find it anywhere.
Cheers, hope you all enjoy the rest of the tour,