Hallenstadium, Zurich, Switzerland (05.06.2000):


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Report from Joerg Frank Basler:

It was quite an international gathering in the audience that night. Fans
came from Austria, Italy, France and, of course, Switzerland to see these
three living legends of music. According to their cheering it was very
obvious for whom they were really waiting for: Jerry Lee Lewis!
And at 8.11 pm Kenny Lovelace and the band went on stage. At the beginning
there was apparently a slight dispute between Kenny and Phoebe Lewis as he
made some gestures to her to come on stage as well which she refused
vigorously. But despite that little mishap the fans in the first rows went
already crazy just because of Kenny's appearing.
And five minutes later there he was: the Killer, dressed up and fuming a
pipe. He just went to his first song and the audience went crazy. An
excellent version of "Drinkin' wine spo-dee-o-dee" which lasted for almost
five minutes. After the first couple of songs Jerry got rid of his jacket
and loosened his shirt. Our breath stand still when Jerry in between song 2
and 3 something like this said: "It's good to be back. I love Switzerland.
What a show! Thank you and good night....." Just to put on his biggest
smile and to add: "No, just joking. I am just getting warmed up!" The songs
were performed hard and heavy and Jerry was really doing well. Not much of
acting but his piano play was just superb. No comparison to the fellower
that night named Little Richard. The whole set was about 45 minutes
including the band which was double the time than in 1998. If he could
double it again next time, Zurich would have a really fully fledged show.
The last one we saw was back in 1990 when Jerry did a solo performance at
the Volkshaus in Zurich. But nevertheless, it was pure excitement to see
Jerry in such good spirits.
My sense of decency does not allow me to comment on Little Richard's or
Chuck Berry's performances. They were just no match to the Killer. But I
would strongly urge Little Richard to hire as an enternainment officer on a
sea cruise for elderly people. That's maybe the best way to describe his
After the show we went to the hotel "Renaissance" where all the musicians
were sleeping overnight. Unfortunately it was rather a non event there.
Kenny Lovelace, B.B. Cunningham together with Johannes Sipkema Jr. (who
else?) were sitting at the bar but Jerry Lee went already to sleep and
according to one man in charge they had to bring him the hotel piano to his
All in all, it was a night to remember and who knows, we might see the
Killer again back in Switzerland in the near future.

The complete song list:

My babe - Kenny Lovelace
Sick and tired - B.B. Cunningham

Jerry did the following songs:

Drinkin' wine spo-dee-o-dee
Rockin' my life away
Boogie Woogie Country Man
Chantilly Lace
Why you been gone so long
Before the night is over
Me and Bobby McGhee
C.C. Rider
Whole lotta shakin' goin' on
Great balls of fire