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2 new concert dates added and more (23.12.2002)

- 2 new concert dates 2003 added

- some new Lps from Germany , USA, Italia and England

- new Record Song Book from the 60s under Rarities


Jerry Lee sung a duet with Mick Jagger ? (17.12.2002)

Source: Joerg F. Basler

There was a recent report in the Daily Telegraph (UK), 14.12.2002 where Jerry Lee was mentioned:

At a recent concert in Nashville by the Rolling Stones Chris Jagger interviewed his brother Mick Jagger after the concert and among other things he stated the following: "I've just sung a duet with Jerry Lee; a song I wrote called Evening Gown, a straight country tune." One is wondering if this record might see the light on an upcoming record by Jerry Lee or Mick Jagger.

- some new USA 45´s

- 1 new FRANCE picture 45´s

- 2 new USA EP´s

- 1 new GERMAN EP


New DVD (09.12.2002)

- new DVD listed


B.B. Cunningham released new CD (07.12.2002)

B.B. Cunningham (Jerry Lee´s Bass Player) has released a brand new CD. See more on the B.B. Cunningham Website at

B. B. 's new album is entitled "Hangin' In". It will be available worldwide, just ask for it at your local record retailer.


some news (06.12.2002)

- one new pressphoto under "Rarities"

- one concert 2003 canceled one new added


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by Graham Knight (Kyle Esplins Webmaster - Scotlands No 1 boogie-woogie singer pianist - click here to get to his website !))

In November 1998, I found out that a record I bought in Memphis in 1968 is actually the original master of Elvis Presley's first ever record. "That's All Right Mama". It was recorded on July 5th 1954 by Sam C. Phillips at the Sun Studios, 706 Union Avenue, Memphis and was originally released as Sun 209 on July 19th 1954.

I am a real Jerry Lee Lewis fan and attended nearly all his UK shows in the 60's and 70's. I got to know him well and often received letters from Jerry asking me to send him boxes of Cuban cigars that he couldn't buy legally in the US. In 1968 I visited Memphis and stayed at Jerry Lee's house at 5042 East Shore Drive, Memphis. During this visit Jerry often dropped me off at the Select-O-Hits record shop at 605 Chelsea Avenue. It was owned by Tom Phillips, a brother of Sam Phillips, the owner of Sun Records. There was a large warehouse at the back where Tom kept literally millions of unsold Sun records.

It was a goldmine for a rock n'roll fan like me but Tom called it the "Sun dump" as it was full of old "Sun Junk" that included unopened letters and tapes from artists wanting auditions. I used to spend all day actually standing on piles of records while looking for something I didn't have. There was no end of great stuff just lying there - thousands of records by Jerry, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and other Sun artists. During that 1968 visit I found about 600 records I wanted and Tom charged me 15 cents a record.

At the back of the shop, near a smelly toilet, there was a large radio transmitter. Tom said it had belonged to Sam when he owned a radio station. As I am also a "Radio Ham" I remember looking at the back of this big unit to see how it was made. I cleared away a lot of junk to get behind it and one of the items I moved was an unmarked cardboard box that had a lot of what looked like 10-inch "metal" records in it. They looked like they were made from aluminium. I took this box out to Tom and he said they were "Mothers", the master that pressed the wax records. Tom suggested I just add the box to the other goodies I had collected. "You can have them for 15 cents each as well" he said, "They are no use to us now. There are plenty of them back in there somewhere along with piles of personal recordings and demos that people cut but never paid for". Tom searched out and gave me some of these acetates too. They have a green label with a "Sam C. Philips" logo and have hand-written song and artist information.

Not being a record seller, I only ever searched for records I did not have and at the end of each day I had usually amassed about 100 discs and Tom would help me pack them in a box and he would drive me to the Post Office. I would send them to Aberdeen by sea-mail. It took about six weeks for them to arrive in Scotland.

Tom's shop had thousands of old 78's and I found some really old Sun records like "My God Is Real" by the Prisonaires, "Peeping Eyes" by Charlie Feathers etc. I also found some 78 records by an artist I knew quite well and visited in New York a few days previously - Screamin' Jay Hawkins. As I wanted to make sure the Sun 78's were not broken - I decided to use two of the "metal records" as the "outers" to pack my precious 78's. Mindful of the fact that I was already over the baggage weight limit for flying home, I decided to use just two of the metal records as packing and I put the rest of the "metal" records back in the cardboard box and returned them to their original position behind the radio transmitter.

This all happened in 1968 and I had not given those metal records much thought until a young Jerry Lee fan visited my house in 1998. A new-generation, Jerry Lee fan, Craig McKenzie, came round one day to play some of my records. He found one of the green "Sam C. Phillips" labelled disks and we listened to a demo that must have been cut ages ago by "The Son's of Dixie". Craig then asked if I had any more unreleased Sun records and I remembered the "metal" records. I had never tried to play them before because Tom had warned me that they were an image of the record and that they would play the music backwards. However technology has moved on in the last 30 years, I soon had a turntable running in reverse, and I played my "metal" records for the first time.

Craig and I got the shock of our lives when the tune that appeared was "That's All Right (Mama) by Elvis Presley". It took a few seconds to grasp the enormity of it all. This was the record that had started it all for Elvis Presley in 1954 and it had led on to the popularity of rock n'roll music.

Jerry Lee and hundreds of others might never have made it if Sam Phillips hadn't cut that first Elvis record. My metal record is the "Master" of Elvis's first record that was released as Sun 209. I think it sold about 6,000 copies and they must all have been pressed from my "metal" record.

Had I been more of a record collector than a fan of the music I would have found out what the record was long ago by the identifying the Sun matrix numbers that can be read by holding the disk up to a mirror. Of all the records made at Sun, it is astonishing that, unknowingly, I chose to keep the master of Elvis's first record.

After been shocked at this find, I was intrigued to hear what was on the second "metal" record. I hoped it would be the master for Jerry Lee Lewis's "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On" but it was not. The second "metal" record is in fact the master for the last record Elvis Presley made at Sun - Mystery Train - it was released as Sun 223 on August 1st 1955.

This probably means that the box of "metal" records I found behind the transmitter were probably the original "masters" for all 10 of the sides Elvis released on his five Sun records.

It seems crazy that it took 30 years for me to find out what I had bought all those years ago. It was quite a shock discovering this but above all it has made me think about all the good times I had in Memphis. Above all I remember the kindness everyone showed to me back then.

The late Tom Philips and his wife invited me up to their house at Lookout Drive for dinner on many occasions. Tom and Sam's other brother, the late Jud Phillips, whom I had known since he came to the UK with Jerry Lee in 1962, took me to recording sessions and I had a great time. Everyone in Memphis was very kind.

None of this would have happened if I hadn't know got to know Jerry Lee in 1962 and of course I remember how lucky I was to go to shows all over the place in his plane and how Jerry nearly drove me crazy with the way he drove his Rolls Royce like a racing car.

If any of the "Sons of Dixie" are still around and want their demo I'll be happy to give it to them for nothing.

For the last five years I have been trying to find if anyone has the original "metal" record for "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On" as I would have been delighted to swap both Elvis masters for that one by Jerry Lee.

Despite publicising my find in the press and even appearing on UK's Granada TV with Carol Voderman, I have not been contacted by anyone with that Jerry Lee master. Maybe there is one out there?



some news (24.11.2002)

- new concertdate 2003 added


some news (16.11.2002)

- new concertdate 2002 added

- new poster added


some news (12.11.2002)

- some new LPs - USA, England, France, Germany

- one new DVD listed


some news (30.10.2002)

- Some new pictures from this year convention

- one new Raritie

- some new EPs - Italia, Belgium, USA

- one new Belgium 45´s


some news (29.10.2002)

- Concerts 2003 updated


some news (20.10.2002)

- Rarities updated

- LPs France added

- Report from Foothill Festival Maryville, TN, USA (11.10.02)


some news (15.10.2002)

- some more photos from the convention

- largest set sale list of Jerry Lee Lewis records ever seen on the internet now at


some news (13.10.2002)

- some new LPs from diffrent countries listed

- new Tape

- new Poster

- new CDs

- new Reel to Reel Tape


some news (10.10.2002)

some more pictures and reports from this year convention


First pictures from the convention (07.10.2002)

First pictures from this year convention


JERRY LEE is back Home (01.10.2002)

Source: Graham Knight

Jerry is much better and he is out of the hospital. Just to clear up a little confusion - neither Billy Swan nor Mickey Gilley appeared at the convention.



Source: Tim Congdon

after playing over 2 1/2 hours, jerry lee lewis was helped off stage and collapsed into a chair and then was taken to the hospital in memphis accompanied by family members. jerry was in a great mood all night but after a long show of over 40 songs, he said he had to take a break and walked to the edge of the stage where he was caught up and helped into a nearby chair. after about 20 minutes, he was helped away into the long corridor leading to the waiting cars and taken to the hospital for observation. it was a fine day with lots of memorable moments but a real shame that jerry took ill and ended the show prematurely. we all hope jerry is ok and I will update his condition as soon as I hear anything. please keep jerry in your thought and prayers. from memphis, tim congdon


some News (29.09.2002 - 00:30)

Happy Birthday Mr. Lewis - 67 years and still rockin´ (Photos and a report from the Birthday-Convention following soon. !)


some News (19.09.2002)

1. Great news about Joel Shumaker: (I get this email from his girlfriend Debbie)

He will be starting his Gene Therapy in 4 to 6 weeks!!! We heard from the Bayer Industries people today (Friday). Whoever said that Friday the 13th was bad luck didn't know what he was talking about. We're very excited and happy that it has finally come through. We also have a support group available to us through the Alpha One Foundation, so anyone that wants to post this news to websites feel free to do so and let the fans know that Joel may have been down but he's definitely not out. He will be going in the hospital for the first session of therapy to make sure that there is no rejection and after that he will go outpatient once a month. For some of you that don't know, the disease that Joel has is genetic. It is called Alpha One Antitripsin Deficiency. The disease eats your lungs and without the Gene Therapy the doctors said he had a year at the most to live but with this therapy he could live another 5 to 10 it just depends. But I know that with all of you praying for him, he will live a lot longer. So keep praying IT WORKS! God Bless all of you for all the love and support that you have given us through all this.
Love to you all,

2. Here's an article that appeared in the Tuscaloosa, AL newspaper Source: Kay Martin

Jerry Lee Lewis band leader honored The Associated Press September 01, 2002 Ken Lovelace has been Jerry Lee Lewis' friend and band leader for 35 years. On Saturday, it was Lovelace's turn to take center stage as the Alabama Music Hall of Fame unveiled a bronze star in his honor. "Kenny's stood beside me through ups and downs and thick and thin - I love him like my own brother," Lewis said of the soft-spoken Cloverdale native. "I wouldn't have missed this for anything." Lovelace's star on the Walk of Fame will be in good company. It's surrounded by stars honoring his cousin, Sun Records founder Sam Phillips, as well as soul legends Percy Sledge and the Temptations and gospel greats Gold City. "What a wonderful honor. I couldn't be in better company," Lovelace said after the ceremony. "I told Jerry that this makes me want to bring that old 1966 black limousine out of storage and hit the road again." Lovelace started playing music when he was 7, said his aunt Christine Lovelace Gentry, who lives in Florence. "When it's born in your soul, it just comes out," said Gentry, a pianist. "When Kenny found an instrument, he had no trouble learning how to play it on his own. Now, he's truly a virtuoso. He's so versatile with his talent, and he's gracious with it. When he's playing, you can tell he's in seventh heaven." Lovelace toured with singer Bud Deckleman and performed shows with Sun artists Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins. Then, he joined his cousins Raymond and Jimmy Lovelace in the Go-Go Five, later called the Five Jets. "We started traveling a lot, and from that point on, it was one thing after another," Lovelace said. Jimmy Johnson, who was a guitarist for the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, believes the Five Jets had a big impact on the area's music scene. "The Five Jets came out of here and wound up going to Vegas and Louisiana and everywhere," said Johnson, chairman of the music hall of fame's board of directors. "They were the complete catalyst, I think, for the music that followed here in Muscle Shoals." Lovelace was performing with the Five Jets when he experienced his fateful first encounter with Lewis in 1967. The band was backing up Lewis's sister, singer Linda Gail Lewis, at the Rendezvous club in Monroe, La. "Jerry came in one night and heard the show," Lovelace said. "He really wanted to hire the whole band, but they weren't free to travel at the time because of their families. So he said, 'Well, I'd like to hire you, Kenny.' I was free to travel at that time, and the rest of the guys encouraged me to go." Lewis had burst onto the national charts in the late '50s with the classic Sun hits "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" and "Great Balls of Fire." "We used to work 28 dates out of the month, doing rock shows and country shows," Lovelace said. "We'd work almost every night and travel 400 to 500 miles a day. At the very end of the tour, on the last night, Jerry and I would hop in the back seat. He'd get the guitar and I'd get the fiddle, and we'd play all the way into Memphis." Lovelace has performed on such chart-topping Lewis hits as the No. 1 country-pop crossover hit "Chantilly Lace," the rambunctious "Rockin' My Life Away," the honky-tonk favorite "39 and Holding" and the classic cover version of Judy Garland's "Over the Rainbow." "Kenny's the world's only real rock 'n' roll fiddle player," Lewis said. "We've shared great times and great music together. You just can't beat him as a player or as a person. He's the best there is." Information from: Times Daily

3. Concerts Dates 2002 updated

4. one new LP from USA

5. some new LPs from England

6. some new 45´s USA



- on August 31, 2002 Kenneth Lovelace inducted into Alabama Musicians Hall Of Fame


some News (27.08.2002)

1. Information from Kay Martin:

2. new 45´s added to Canada, England and USA


Linda Gail Lewis Concert ! (08.08.2002)

Linda Gail Lewis giva a Concert in Germany - see report and pictures!!!!

one new EP from sweden

one new DVD fromThailand

some new LPs from Germany

one new LP from USA

some new LPs from England


Some news ... (15.07.2002)

some Rarities are added like Concert Programms and some Posters

one new CD

one new DVD from Brazil

one new Concert Report from Yonkers Hudson Riverfest, USA (04.07.2002) , thanks to Kay Martin

some new great photos from Germany, munic 1998


Some news ... (30.06.2002)

Concerts Dates 2002 updated


Some news ... (25.06.2002)

Joel Shumaker (who played guitar and bass for Jerry for over a dozen years), was deliverd in hospital. He had emphysema and has had to have surgery on his right lung to help strengthen his lung. He is still hopeful and waiting for a lung transplant. Joel is home finally. He's doing good but really weak. It will take at least a month before he feels like himself again. Lets pray for him. If some fans want to send some wishes, can e-mail him.

some new LPs: England - USA - Germany

some new sheet music

some new poster in my collection

one new CD

new concert date 2003 added


Robinsonville, MS - Sam's Town

Lewis the Killer still so good, it hurts

REVIEW By Donnie Snow

June 8, 2002

Take the Killer off your dead pools, people, ol' Jerry Lee is gonna outlive us all. Strolling confidently onto the stage - 10 minutes late - Jerry Lee Lewis dropped a bomb on the pittance of an audience wise enough to catch his show Friday night at Sam's Town, opening his nearly 90-minute set with fellow hall-of-famer Chuck Berry's Roll Over Beethoven. Watching Lewis, who is recently divorced, there was good news and bad news for rock and roll fans. The good news is that Jerry Lee is singing, and playing, just fine. (How fine? Elton John should pray his skills hold up this well.) The bad news, you can't understand any two words the man says. However, the crowd had no trouble making out the words when he was delivering renditions of Georgia, Blue Suede Shoes, Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Drinkin' Wine Spo Dee O Dee. They couldn't get enough of any of them, considering the long line of fans in front of the stage waiting to take a picture of the living legend. But music has never been The Killer's only strong suit. Humor is every bit as important to his mystique as his driving left hand and speed-demon right. And Lewis hasn't lost it either. "Take it off?" he asked, responding to a woman after he started to loosen his tie. "That's what got me in trouble the first time . . . and the next time, and the next time, and the next time. "This time, I'm going to be more choosy." Great Balls of Fire brought the gray hairs and surgically altered to their feet, clapping and singing, dazzled by the sheer virtuosity still very much alive in the still very virile Golden Wild Child of Rock and Roll's fingers. Whole Lotta Shakin' got them all onto their chairs. Lewis is more than rock royalty, and not just because he can still kick his leg up on the ivories like a spoiled teenager, but because he knows who he is and if you don't, just listen to any of his records - he'll tell you all about himself. Lewis finished the show, clad in a dazzling navy pinstripe, kicking out the piano bench and slamming down the cover. The Killer hitched his pants indignantly, and exited stage left.

Copyright, 2002, The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN. Used here with permission. No additional reproduction or distribution of this article in any form is permitted without the written approval of The Commercial Appeal (


Some news ... (02.05.2002)

Concerts Dates updated

Some news ... (28.04.2002)

new Concert Pictures from Sweden 2000


Some news ... (26.04.2002)

Information from Kay Martin:

I have gotten a great deal of inquiries concerning the latest news about a divorce action between Jerry and Kerrie. As I have said, this will not affect the Convention or the Ferriday Ride. I received a message from Kerrie to me today which says: "All is well here; just doing business as usual. I put a copy of the press release at the bottom in case you feel you might need it. ... The Convention actually is going great and the phones have been ringing off the wall with sales today! I am really putting all my efforts into making it great as you never know when it will be the last one. They are so hard to put together, but they are a labor of love for me to give to the fans. The mags went out today and we gave the Ferriday Riders an entire page! It looks good! I know you all will have a blast! Let me know if I can be of help...."


Press release: "The Lewis Family wishes to express its sincere appreciation for your calls and concern. Please respect their need for privacy at this time. This separation is amicable. Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Lewis will continue to reside at the Lewis Ranch and raise their son together. Mr. Lewis will continue to tour and Mrs. Lewis will continue to run JKL Enterprises, Inc. They are not granting any interviews at this time. Thank you."

Rarities updated
new Reel to Reel Tape


Some news ... (16.04.2002)


Some news ... (14.04.2002)


Some news ... (11.04.2002)


Some news ... (08.04.2002)

- new Concert Date
- a new very rar australien EP
- some photos and a report about the Delta Music Museum's Hall of Fame from Tim Congdon

Information from Kay Martin:

I made a mistake about the hotel next door to the Memphis Holiday Inn Select. It is NOT a Days Inn. It is a LaQuinta! Anyone wishing to stay there should contact the LaQuinta on Airways/Democrat and their phone # is (901) 396-1000. Sorry if anyone has already called the Days Inn on Brooks Road. That's definitely NOT a short walk to the Convention! I apologize if there has been any inconvenience. Best, Kay

- some new LPs: England - USA - Mexico - Germany


Some news about the ... (26.03.2002)

"Jerry Lee Lewis 67th Birthday Celebration and 4th Annual Fan Club Convention"

Friday, September 27th 2002

Mrs. Kerrie Lewis and Mr. Bob McCarver have issued the latest news on the convention:

BIRTHDAY / CONVENTION UPDATES (ticket price is $200.00)
Price of ticket includes:
souvenir book, ranch tour on Friday Sept 27th and full day of events on Saturdays which the schedule is as follows:

Opening and check-in at 10am
Brunch 10:30am -12pm
Rob and the Rage perform 10:30am to 11:30am
Noon KILLER KONTEST (attendees will be the judges)
1:30pm Billy Swan meet and greet
2:30pm Billy Lee Riley meet and greet
3:30 Jam session
4:30pm Birthday cake celebration with THE KILLER
6pm Awards
6:30 pm Dinner
6:30- 8pm DEDE McCarver and Larry Garrett perform

Also during the day there will be drawings for KILLER giveaways and raffles for KILLER MEMORABILIA!

THIS IS A FAN CLUB EVENT ONLY. YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF THE JERRY LEE LEWIS WORLD FAN CLUB TO PURCHASE A TICKET. For more information please contact the official Website of for ticket and membership information.

Thanks a lot to Mrs. Kerrie Lewis, Mr. Bob McCarver and all of the staff of JKL Enterprises to make this possible !

The Webmaster


Some news (22.03.2002)

Vulgarities at Jerry Lee Lewis Ranch,was a wrong information:

Now Bob McCarver says that Jerry still welcomes messages on the fence, just nothing nasty. It seems to me that vandals put that bad stuff on the fence and deserve to be in police custody.

Source: Kay Martin

- Now all my England Lp´s are updated with photos, and one new US LP 1230 from 1958, false issue
- 1 new Conertposter


Some news (21.03.2002)

new Concert Dates added

(Jerry Lee Lewis will be making a personal appearance at the Hernando Historical Museum on behalf of Desoto County as the museum is dedicating one room to the Killer himself - show on the Conert side for the date and link)

Vulgarities at Jerry Lee Lewis Ranch > Tue Mar 19, 6:52 AM ET

By The Associated Press NESBIT, Miss. (AP) - Singer Jerry Lee Lewis has installed a surveillance system to watch for people scrawling vulgarities on the fence at his Mississippi ranch. The painted wooden fence along his 40-acre property was damaged in February, when a driver lost control of his car and slammed into it. The fence was repaired and freshly painted last Wednesday. By Thursday, obscenities and lewd cartoons covered the white paint, a ranch official said Monday. We don't need that kind of stuff," said Bob McCarver, who oversees the ranch. "It looks bad on Jerry Lee and it looks bad on the neighborhood. ... You don't want your kids to see that when you drive by." Tours of Lewis' home will continue, but fans will no longer be allowed to sign the fence. McCarver said if the surveillance system detects someone writing on the fence, Lewis has asked that they be arrested. Lewis, 66, has lived in DeSoto County for more than two decades. He's known for hits such as "Great Balls of Fire." McCarver said his warnings are directed toward people who are disrespectful of the property. "Be careful about what you say and what you do, because we've got you covered," he said.

Source: Kay Martin

There will be two special guests at the convention this year. Billy Lee Riley and Billy Swan


Some news (10.03.2002)

new Concert Dates added


Jerry Lee Lewis cancelled show in Ferriday, LA:


1. A Report from a German Newspaper from Hamburg (from Gisela Westphal)

click to enlarge


2. From Austrian "Videotext" (from Thomas Sobzak)

click to enlarge


3. A link to an article about the Delta Music Museum opening (Kay Martin, Tim Congdon and Graham Knight)


Randy Wilkes, who played bass and guitar for Jerry Lee Lewis from the late 1970s through the early 1980s, passed away after a tough battle with cancer on Wednesday, February 27, 2002 ... He was only 51. (from Kay Martin)


A new great report from the 65. Birthday Party from Phil Davies, from Wales


Some new Cds and one US Single


Joel Shumaker (who played guitar and bass for Jerry for over a dozen years) are at the convetin this year !


Fan List updated, now 31 members !


Some news about the convetion and more from Kay Martin:

Up to date information: I am opening an account in a bank other than the one in which I usually conduct my financial business, just for the Ferriday Ride. I learned to my dismay today that wire transfers directly into this account would be debited $15. For each person's small participation of $75, a loss of $15 is too great. Therefore, to eliminate the possibility of any bank charges, I request that everyone who wishes to be included in the excursion send me a bank or postal money order for $75 U.S. per seat. I cannot accept checks, but I can accept money orders. The monetary exchange between U.S. dollars and currency in other countries had seemed to present a problem, but I have been informed that Post Offices in every country can issue money orders for U.S. dollars without much loss of value. There will be no charge for exchange of funds when money orders for dollars are deposited in a U.S. bank account. I had previously mentioned a deposit being required. A deposit of at least $40 must be received from EVERYONE who will be making the trip by June 15, 2002. The amount of people who sign up will determine which size bus we will need. I will advise each of the people whose deposit I have received that it has been deposited and when. I suggest that Ferriday Riders from outside the United States send the entire amount by July 28th, when the balance is due from those who had previously sent a deposit. We will charter a small bus through Southern Stages for either 20 or 28 people, depending on how many people sign on. The more the merrier! During the ride, we will be free to socialize, to play CDs and we will be watching a special 6 hour video put together just for this group, which will include footage of Jerry's early TV appearances. The video will be given away at the Convention to someone who took the trip, chosen at random by Jerry. This trip WILL take place, leaving from the Holiday Inn Select, Memphis on Wednesday about noon, September 25th, going first to Natchez, MS, where we will take a quick tour of the historical city, and stay overnight at the Days Inn. This hotel has been highly recommended for its quality, good food, and proximity to our destination. The next morning, Thursday, September 26th, we will leave for Ferriday, to tour the new Delta Music Museum, the Lewis House, and other Ferriday points of interest. We will leave Ferriday in the evening and arrive back in Memphis at the Holiday Inn Select (Airport), which is adjacent to the Memphis Days Inn on Brooks Road. The Convention begins Friday with a trip for JLLWFC members to the Lewis Ranch. See for details on signing up for the Convention, which is separate from the Ferriday Ride. You may send your money orders made out to Kay Martin (for Ferriday Ride) and mail them to me via the safest method of mailing you wish to use, at my home address. If you prefer to have me SIGN FOR RECEIPT of the money order, that should go to another address where such mail would reach me during the day. PLEASE send me a private email to let me know that your money order will be on the way and I will give you the address where it should be sent. This is exceedingly exciting and I am looking forward to seeing everyone on the bus! Best, Kay

Riders will get to meet folks who have traveled with Jerry over the years: God willing, Joel Shumaker (who played guitar and bass for Jerry for over a dozen years) will be available to speak with everyone on September 25th before the bus leaves for Ferriday. I know Joel is looking forward to meeting so many of the fans that he saw on the road. Joel is now on line and can be contacted at He would be thrilled to hear from fans. If you have any photos that include Joel, send them on to him. Again, God willing, we will have some special guests meet us in Ferriday who have played crucial roles in Jerry's life. Until they have confirmed, I cannot mention names, but rest assured they will be lots of FUN. Aside from the video of the early TV shows I mentioned, other Riders have promised to bring memorabilia of Jerry's early career for us to see. As you know, I have reserved a block of 20 rooms at the Days Inn in Natchez for the night of September 25th. They will need a deposit by August 15th, but not from each individual. >I< (as "Group Contact") have to send that to them. Therefore, in addition to the money for the bus ride, please include funds in your money order for the one night in the hotel. To refresh your memory, the room rates are as follows: $51.48 for single occupancy, $51.48 for double occupancy, $56.43 for 3 in the room and $61.38 for 4 in a room. I have added the applicable 10% tax into the figure quoted earlier so that these rates are exactly what will show up on the bill. Please make the money orders out to "Kay Martin" and put "For Ferriday Ride" in the "Memo" portion of the form. Please contact me if you have ANY questions. Best, Kay


Some news from Kay Martin (22.02.2002)


I get these 2emails from Kay Martin:

Here's the plan as it stands now: We leave from the Holiday Inn Select in Memphis on Wednesday morning 9/25/2002 and stay overnight at the Days Inn in Natchez, MS. Thursday we tour Ferriday, see the new Delta Music Museum and the Lewis House, and leave Thursday evening to go back to Memphis, dropping us off at the same Holiday Inn where the Convention will be held. The next day, there will be tours of the Lewis Ranch for those going to the Convention. I will have a 6 hour tape of Jerry's early TV appearances which will be shown on the bus ride down and back. That tape will be raffled off at the Convention for those who had been on the bus trip. Some of those performances are awe-inspiring! If we get up to 20 people for this excursion, the cost will be about $75 each for a smaller bus. If we get 28 people (or more than 20), the price goes down to $60 for a vehicle that accomodates more people, depending on how many people there are to share the cost. This amount covers chartering the bus, fuel, insurance, professional bus driver down and back, and the driver's tip, meals and hotel expenses. All of your own meals and hotel expenses, which you will have to pay yourself, will be extra. The bus has room for everyone's luggage, so there is no need to leave it behind in Memphis. I have to get a deposit on the trip from everyone who will be going at least two months in advance to be able to charter the bus. I can't lay out that kind of money myself. Please email me immediately to make your reservation. Again, those with Web sites or JLL fan club magazines, please post this information with the other details I supplied earlier so we can get the widest audience of JLL fans in the world. This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!! Kerrie is even excited about it! I know I am! All the best, Kay

Hello to all! We are putting the plan into action. I have news for everyone about the hotel stay for the night of Wednesday, September 25th. Today I reserved a block of rooms at the Days Inn in Historical Natchez, Mississippi so that we won't run into any problems when we get there. I have had good reports from other people who have stayed there, especially about the food! The hotel's rooms each have two beds and are non-smoking. They will all be in the same part of the hotel. The prices for the rooms will be $46.80 for the room if two people stay; $51.30 if 3 people stay, and $55.80 for four in the room, plus tax. This price is for the night, NOT per person, so if more people share the room, their individual cost will go down. I MUST know more than a month in advance exactly how many of these rooms we will need, so keep me informed. One interesting perk is that the hotel will give us a complimentary room for the bus driver. I have to give them a deposit 45 days before we arrive and must cancel no later than 30 days before 9/25. This is my first venture into a group excursion, so please everyone be cooperative. I know it will be difficult for people outside the United States to send money for the trip and I want to find the best way so that no one loses anything for fees, monetary exchange, etc. I will let everyone know the way we will process it as soon as I can determine that myself! In the meantime, please put aside the money so that it will be available when it is needed. I have not as yet reserved the bus because I haven't gotten a definitive number of people that will make the trip (there are two size buses available for our group--up to 20 and up to 28 people), and because I won't have the capability of giving the bus company a deposit until I can tell you folks how to send it. I am sure I will require at least half the amount in advance, but again, as soon as it is determined, I will let you know. Here's the company's Web site, but it doesn't include photos of the smaller size vehicles: So far, we have 10 confirmed Lewis Riders.... and more joining every day. While I haven't "announced" what time the bus will leave from the Holiday Inn Select for the trip, I must ask everyone who is going to be there before noon, if possible. Anyone who is definitely going please be assured that we won't pull out of the parking lot without all our people on board! I want to remind you that the bus will carry your luggage to Natchez, so you don't need to check into a Memphis hotel for Wednesday night. For folks not staying at the Holiday Inn Select where the Convention is being held, who want a hotel in Memphis with reasonable rates and easy access to the Convention, you couldn't ask for anything better than the Days Inn on Brooks Road, which is adjacent to the Holiday Inn, just a convenient one minute walk away. Their telephone number is (901) 345-2470. Some of us stayed there last year and were very satisfied. You will have to make your own reservations there and for the Holiday Inn Select; the earlier, the better. This is getting more exciting every day! Best to all, Kay


Some news (19.02.2002)


- new Concert dates

- Report Switzerland 2000


Some news (15.02.2002)

I get these 3 emails from Kay Martin: (Thanks very much, Kay !)

1. Many people who attend the annual Jerry Lee Lewis World Fan Club Convention like to also visit Jerry's birthplace, Ferriday, Louisiana. There is special interest this year because of Jerry and his cousins' induction into the Delta Music Museum Hall of Fame in Ferriday, which takes place March 2nd. Last year, some people went to Ferriday before the Convention and some went afterwards. The road trip between Memphis and Ferriday is about 4-5 hours, necessitating an awful lot of time on the road for everyone who drives. This year, instead of lots of individuals renting cars and going separately, it might be a good idea to rent or charter a mini bus so we can all go together. We can get a vehicle that seats up to 25 people for less than $300 a day. This price includes a professional driver, fuel, insurance, pick up at the hotel in Memphis, drive to Ferriday (to a hotel there), and return to Memphis the next day. Staying overnight in Ferriday will allow us time to visit the Lewis Museum, Delta Music Museum, Natchez, and whatever other sites of interest are there in town. Considering the cost of several rental cars, if enough people wish to participate in this project, we will save money and have more TIME to spend together. Someone else will be doing the driving, which gives everyone the flexibility to visit with the rest of the fans and have a wonderful experience to enhance the Convention activities. So far several people have agreed, so it will probably be a "go." Please advise if you wish to be included; once we know how many will participate, we can get further details on the bottom line price per person. From everyone who would like to go, WHEN do you think would be the best days for this activity.... before or after the Convention? Each of us will need to consider this in making travel arrangements to Memphis. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Best, Kay P.S. Please feel free to cross-post, print in JLL or other fan magazines, and on JLL Web sites, so that we get the most coverage.


2. Earlier today, I sent an email about a possible excursion before or after this year's Convention. However, after I sent it, I called the bus company for further information and found that the price I had been quoted was totally wrong. I had to call a few other bus companies to get a true price. I want you to know that the price per person will really be about $75 each if we have 20 people going, but it DROPS to $60 each if we have 25-28 people going. So, guys, THE MORE THE MERRIER! The company's 2001 model vehicle provides room for luggage, and it has video and stereo CD capabilities, so we can rock on down the road. I think that the price of $75 for a round trip, plus the cost of a hotel room, is not bad at all. $60 is even more reasonable. This figure includes the price of a hotel room and tip for the driver. All right. Now that you're better informed about the cost of this side trip, please get back to me. And pass this correction on to whomever you have already told about the Memphis/Ferriday side trip. Best, Kay


3. Mickey Gilley and his famous cousins, Jerry Lee Lewis and the Rev. Jimmy Swaggart, will kick off a three-month event in their home state of Louisiana next month. All three will be inducted into the Delta Music Museum Hall of Fame in Ferriday, on Saturday, March 2. The induction will take place during the grand opening of the museum and the first stop of the Louisiana Music Cavalcade. The museum and cavalcade celebrate the state's musical heritage. The Music Cavalcade is a traveling music festival, scheduled to make stops throughout Louisiana from March 2 to May 10.

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Some news (13.02.2002)

- I get the following link from Graham Knight , its an article about a performance Mickey Gilley did in Memphis.

- I get a email from Kay Martin , wich shows me this link too and she write:

- Concert Dates - updated !

- Now are the new Chat is online !!!!!!! Chat time - every Sunday at 18:00 p.m European Time

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- Rarities updated

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- new concert pictures from swiss 2000


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The Jerry Lee Lewis Web Portal has been deleted ! (21.01.2002)


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Some new updates (09.01.2002)

- The concert in Bossier City on 31.12.2001, was cancelled, Jerry Lee played in Estoril (Portugal) at the casino-estoril . Little Richards originally planned concert in the casiono was cancelled. If someone know more or have a conert report or photos please email me.

- Conert Dates updated