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Jerry Lee Back in Europe 2004 - show on the Conertsite !!! (13.12.2003)

- Concertdates 2004

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New Photos and Reports:

Hayward, W I, USA - Lac Courte Oreilles Casino (16.08.2003)

Jacksonville, FL, USA - Florida Theatre (12.09.2003)



Some news (07.12.2003)

new Concertdates 2004

Some news (22.08.2003)

Happy Birthday Jerry Lee Lewis to your 68th Birthday. Jerry Lee Lewis is still the greates !

Some news (22.08.2003)

- Concerts 2003 updated


Some news (20.08.2003)

- Sam Philips died after a year long bout of being in and out of the hospital at the age of 80! Our condolences for Mr. Sam Phillips goes to the Phillips family !

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Some news (27.07.2003)

- Concerts 2003 updated

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Some new reports and news about the new CD (13.06.2003)

- Concert Report and photos from Westbury Music Fair Westbury, NY, (06-07.06.2003)

- Concert Report and photos from Travis County Exposition Center, Austin, TX, USA (31.05.2003)

- some news about the new CD


Source: Kay Martin

The musicians on the CD: Jim Keltner on drums, Ken Lovelace on guitar, Hutch Hutchison on bass (he plays
in Bonnie Raitt's band), and Jimmy Ripp also played guitar and produced the session, which was recorded at
Sam C. Phillips Recording Studio, 639 Madison, Memphis. Overdubs and "sweetening" may have been done
at Sun Studios, 706 Union.

Aside from the duet with Mick Jagger, it was also contemplated that some of the artists associated with
the songs may overdub parts to "sing along" with Jerry, but not sure whether this will be possible.

As for a release date, the CD package probably will come out in 2003. When details are available, you
will hear it right away


Some news about the convention ! (03.06.2003)

Source: Kay Martin

In answer to questions from all over the world:

For your information, the site has not been updated in quite some time and the
details listed on that site regarding the 2003 Birthday/Convention are incorrect. Jerry Lee Lewis
will instead be celebrating his birthday at another location, probably on Beale Street. As soon as it is
confirmed, the information regarding this event will be publicized through these bulletins, on Jerry Lee
Web sites OTHER than (or others formerly run by the World Fan Club), and in the
Fireball Mail. Do not send any money for the 2003 Convention to JKL Enterprises.
In additional news, there no longer is a gift shop at the Lewis Ranch and tours have been cancelled. Jerry
Lee Lewis has taken his life back. If you have any questions, please direct them to me as
soon as you can. I am hoping to see Jerry at Westbury Music Fair this weekend and I will try to get them
answered. This past weekend, Jerry played two terrific shows in Austin, TX and I am hoping to get further details to
let everyone know about them.

Best, Kay


Some news from the last weeks (30.05.2003)

- concert dates 2003 updated

- concert dates 2004 updated

- Fanlist updated (now 46 members)

- 2 new links added (one nice Jerry Lee photo Page ! )

- new Concert report Dixie Dancehall, Beaumont, TX, USA (27.02.2003)

- new Concert report Belterra Casino & Resort, Florence, IN, USA (26.04.2003)


- No European Tour from Jerry this year !?

Source: Tex (The Travelin' Man)

Got an e-mail today from Bauke Algera of Diba International Concerts (the promoter responsible for the Legends tours and many other ones) and this is what he had to say: "Maybe next year we'll do something again with Jerry. This year it won't be possible. Keep you posted." (my travelingbuddy Steen from Denmark told me Bauke had told him a couple of days ago he was thinking about a new Legends tour in 2004). Of course it's bad news for Jerry's European fans and friends he's not coming over but I think most of us had already expected this. At least we've got the CONCRETE news now I was talking about in my previous message. Don't let this news get you down cause we've got a great and very interesting new CD to look forward to and fortunately there's still good news reaching us from the States!!!


- Jerry back in the Studio - recording session at the Philips Recording Studio:


- Tribute to Willie Nelson on his 70th Birthday


Reports and photo from Kay Martin:

(photographs copyright by Devin Miller any use of the photographs without permission is prohibited. )

click on photo to enlarge

Publicity for this show, videotaped on April 9th at the Beacon Theater in New York City, listed Jerry Lee
Lewis and Merle Haggard among the performers coming to take part in this all-star extravaganza. The line-up
of stars sounded staggering, so the instant tickets went on sale, I bought one for myself and lucked out
with a seat in the 6th row of the orchestra (at GREAT expense, I might add!).As everyone knows by now, the weather in New York this week has been unseasonably bad, with several inches of snow on Monday, freezing weather on Tuesday and heavy rain on Wednesday, the day of the show. Because of the inclement weather, Jerry was unable to fly into the city and missed the show. I don't know what
happened to Merle, but he, too, was absent. I got to the Beacon, on 75th Street and Broadway, at 6:30 and went around backstage to talk to Kris Kristofferson. Before he was available, I got to talk to Willie himself. He said he completely understood
why Jerry was unable to get to the show, didn't blame him one bit and would invite him another time.

Taping a show for a television show is an extended, tedious process. Unlike a regular concert where one
act flows into another, each artist needs to be set up separately, lighted, and sound checked (testing 1-2),
so when they finally let us into the theater after 8 p.m., I settled in for a long evening. I was
surprised that they did not check for cameras when we arrived, and actually allowed picture taking, even
with a flash, all night long. I must have taken 100 digital pictures, but afterwards discovered that I was
so excited that the camera moved for almost every single image. Only a few of the pictures are clear
enough to reproduce [the best one is attached]. But it doesn't matter! The show itself will air on the
USA Network on May 26th, May 31st and June 1st, so check your local listings for times, etc.

When they began the show, they ran pre-recorded audio listing the names of the performers, which included
acts not mentioned at all on the publicity I had previously seen. As you will see below, one awesome
artist followed another all night, many introduced by heavyweights in the business, New York legends, as
well as a man that just blew me away entirely.The show began with Kris coming out to introduce Willie who performed a song, the title of which is not clear to me. It's something like "I've Didn't Come Here and I Ain't Leaving.. Just The Place For You."
Some feedback on the bass fiddle caused the production crew to require a repeat of that set. No complaint..
It was kickin'!Kris next introduced Sheryl Crow and they did a duet on "Me And Bobbie McGee," with Sheryl singing the
Janis Joplin version.A bearded Robert DiNiro next introduced Norah Jones and Willie doing a tribute to Waylon Jennings, "I
Don't Want To Get Over You." Norah left the stage and then came out and took a seat on the aisle across from
me to watch the next performances.Movie actor Ethan Hawke introduced John Mellankamp, who sang "I Could Not Believe It Was True."

The legendary Whoopi Goldberg next introduced Ray Charles, Leon Russell and Willie doing Leon's "Song
For You." Norah could be seen really digging Ray. Another technical difficulty necessitated a do-over of
this number, much to everyone's enjoyment. Ray seemed jubilant at the ovation that embraced him as he left
the stage. He was at the top of his game last night!Then Willie introduced former President Bill Clinton. I was ecstatic. I jumped up and down cheering until I was probably the last one to sit down. Not everyone was as enthusiastic about our New York resident as I,
and Bill handled it beautifully. It was his honor to introduce Paul Simon, another New Yorker, who sang
"Homeward Bound" with Willie.Lyle Lovett and Shelby Lynn were next singing "Funny How Time Slips Away."

Whoopi came back out to introduce as "god-like" the formidable Eric Clapton, who performed "Night Life"
with Willie. Since its writer, Ray Price, was on the show, I expected he would join them, but we didn't see
him until later on.Movie actress Ali McGraw next introduced new country outlaw Toby Keith, who rocked the house with "Whiskey
for My Men and Beer for My Horses."Introduced by Ethan Hawke, rock, rap and reggae star Wyclef Jean was next with a duet of "To All The Girls I've Loved Before" with Willie, featuring a "free style" rap that had Willie cracking up.Kris came back to introduce a very toned-down Shania Twain, who sat on a stool, wearing a cap and denim clothing. She and Willie sang "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain." Singing solo, Shania shone on "I Need You Forever Always."They pushed the piano forward for the next set and I could hear people saying "Jerry Lee must be next." The "Jerry Lee" whispers were getting louder as the show went on. Instead, the piano was for Diana Krall
who with Willie and Elvis Costello rendered "Crazy." We were hoping in some cases that some glitch would
cause a few of these numbers to be repeated, but everything went smoothly after the Willie and Ray
Charles duplications.

Toby Keith came out to introduce the next act, fellow Texans Z Z Top, who sang "Outskirts of Town." They
wore outrageous glitter suits and one of the photos I took of the group in action just shows a blur of
lights!Ali McGraw next introduced Kenny Chesney, who came out dressed very informally, singing "Last Thing I Needed
First Thing This Morning."The next introduction was by Willie and surprised me big time: Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Willie did a
duet of "Once Is Enough." But it wasn't. Tyler was wonderful. He wailed the blues on the harmonica and
then the tune went into good old rock and roll. A highlight!The audience between sets sang Happy Birthday to Willie. This man got more hugs and kisses last night than anyone might in a year! He had a smile from the Bronx to Brooklyn on his face all evening.

Kris next introduced Shelby Lynn who performed "Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground" Willie played guitar
with her on this and those clear notes ringing out were beautiful.At this point between sets, the audience was extremely restless and the call for Jerry Lee Lewis that had been a whisper now became a chant starting on the other side of the auditorium from where I sat.
Honestly, I am NOT the one who started it and I have no idea who was involved, but it went on for quite a
while. No one explained why he and Merle were not there.Willie told the audience about the history of Ray Price and brought Ray up to sing "Run That By Me One More Time." [I think that's the name of it, although it is not the song I am familiar with which has a
similar title.] Ray was looking good and sounded as cool as ever.Lyle Lovett joined Willie and Ray and they did "San Antonio Girl."

Ali McGraw introduced Sheryl Crow again to perform the Aretha Franklin tune "Do Right Woman."Next, Willie and Kris pulled out the stops on a wonderful version of "Help Me Make It Through The Night" which had ME internally calling for Jerry Lee Lewis to be up there singing with them.The next set was pretty cute and I will be surprised if it makes it to the TV show. Willie and Toby Keith
brought up another singer whose name I did not catch. He's young, blonde, cute and has a way with a song for
sure. The tune: "I'll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again"!!Lyle introduced Norah Jones for a second song, which she did as a duet with Willie: "I Would Do Anything Just To Make Your Dreams Come True." Wonderful.At this point in the program, Paul Shafer appeared between set-ups, but did not do an intro, as I thought he might (although he did join in for the finale). Instead, Leon Russell appeared on stage for a
rendition of "Jumpin' Jack Flash."As the show was closing out, Kris introduced Willie as an American original, and Willie and Family did
"Whiskey River," and had the audience join in for "Jambalaya." The rest of the cast members then came
on stage with a huge birthday cake with lit candles for Willie and all of us sang "Happy Birthday" to him.
The show came to a close with everyone on stage and in the audience raucously singing "On The Road Again."

At about 1:30 a.m., I left the theater with a BIG smile on my face and am still smiling. Wish Jerry and
Merle had been there, but what was left was choice!


2 New Concert Reports (16.02.2003)

- 2 new Concertdates listed


2 New Concert Reports (12.02.2003)

Wichita,Kansas, USA (07.02.2003)

Sams town casino,Mississippi, USA (08.02.2003)


Jerry Lee will be back to Europe 2003 ? (03.02.2003)

Source:Kristian in Sweden

I have a message to all European fans of Jerry Lee Lewis from the leader of the Lewis band alias Mr Kenneth O Lovelace.

Hello everyone !
I hope you all doing well,here in Nashville and outside our house we have a lot of snow and it,s cold.
This spring we will be on road again and do some shows in US.It seems that we will be back to Europe later this year for some shows.
Take care everyone
Kenneth Lovelace

So Jurgen,That is the news I have at the moment,and as soon I hear more,I will let you and the rest of fans know.

Keep on rockin,lewisly !!!!

Kristian in Sweden
The swedish rep of Jerry Lee Lewis international fan club

If anyone know more about this - please email me - The Webmaster - email


some news (01.02.2003)

- 1 new concert date 2003 added

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some news (23.01.2003)

- 1 new concert date 2003 added

- some new Lps from Korea, Polen, Spanien, Israel, Belgien, Philippinen, Süd Afrika


some news (19.01.2003)

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some news (06.01.2003)

- 2 new concert dates 2003 added

- new original press photo, look at Rarities