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Report about Divonne(25.10.2004)

- Report and Photos from the show in Prague, Czech Republic, Lucerna (14.10.2004)

- another report from France, Le Bataclan (11.10.04)

- The 60th member is now on the Fanlist !!



Report about Divonne(10.10.2004)


-Great Report and Photos about the show in Divonne, France, Casino De Divonne ( 09.10.2004)



News about the show in Prag (17.09.2004)

- some great news about the Concert in Prague, on the 14/10/2004. click here !



Two new Concertdates (17.08.2004)

- Concertdates 2004 updated



One new Concertdate (11.08.2004)

- Concertdates 2004 updated



Some news (07.08.2004)

- Concertdates 2004 updated

- Some Reports from the England Tour from Christian Leibbrandt (German language, photos following soon!)

- some new Lps listed:

- According to J.W. Whitten, Jerry's manager, the new CD ("The Pilgrim", formerly known as "Old Glory") won't be released till the first part of 2005. He is quoted in an article in the Memphis newspaper The Commercial Appeal Besides the usual names, Whitten also mentions Kid Rock as one of the contributors to the album.

- The album "The Killer Rocks On" (1972) is now available on CD (catalogue no. BGOCD635). Strangely enough, the second album featured is "Boogie Woogie Country Man" (1975), which was also coupled with "Southern Roots" (1973) on another CD released a few months ago by Raven Records (see news of March 15). The CD is available at the regular online stores. See also the 'Search queries' overview on the main page of this site.


- The CD "Willie Nelson and Friends: Outlaws and Angels", the recording of Nelson's Memorial Day USA Network special with Jerry Lee Lewis as one of it's guest artists, will be in stores on September 14. Source:



Jerry has arrived in the UK(25.06.2004)

- Jerry has arrived in the UK today. The first show of his UK tour with Chuck Berry will be on Monday June 28 in Wolverhampton.

- 2 new Concertdates added



2 news shows in England (24.04.2004)

- 2 new shows in England 2004

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- Jerry was not in the German TV Show '50 Jahre Rock' in Hannover, Germany on April 17



Jerry Lee back in Germany ? (13.04.2004)

Jerry is to appear at the German TV-Show '50 Jahre Rock' in Hannover, Germany on April 17.



New Concertdate (08.04.2004)

- 5 new Concertdates 2004 in England added

- two more fans on the Fanlist, they are from Belgium

- News about the Old Glory CD


In the latest issue of the magazine 'Now Dig This' Trevor Cajiao interviews Jimmy Rip, producer of the Jerry's upcoming CD 'Old Glory'. Some interesting facts:

The release date is probably end of the summer.
All of Jerry's parts on the record were cut at the Phillips Recording Studio in Memphis.
The CD will be released by DreamWorks, a Universal label.
Not all songs will be duets: there will be three or four tracks that don't have anyone but Jerry on them.
Paul McCartney, Van Morrison and Robert Plant, who were mentioned as contributors previously, are not on the record.

Jimmy Rip:
"This record really is for the fans. It's got rock n roll the way people remember him rockin'. There's things on the record that are just as emotional as anything he's done. And also, I tried to bring him only songs that spoke to his life. Each song was like a little chapter on Jerry's life. So I really did make this one for the fans & I think I know what they want. I want this record to make people know that he's still the genius that his reputation says he is. He's still all there & then some, & he's the last man standing."

For the complete interview, obtain the April issue of 'Now Dig This'.



New Concertdate (30.03.2004)

- 1 new Concertdate 2005 added

- A Jerry Lee Lewis weekend party in Norway for more Detials show click here

- one new member joined the Fanlist , he is from Poland, now are 53 JLL Fans listed



New Concertdate (19.03.2004)

- 1 new Concertdate 2004 added



More news about the World Tour 2004 (07.03.2004)

- new concertrevies and pictures:

- Today the 50th Jerry Lee Lewis Fan joined the 1st Bavarian Jerry Lee Lewis Fan-List

- New DVD added

- Links updated - one link with reports of the Blackpool and Manchester shows (by Richard Harvey).



More news about the World Tour 2004 (28.02.2004)


A Interview (26.02.2004)

Jerry was interviewed by Scotland Today. A video can be downlaod on their website.



More news about the World Tour 2004 (25.02.2004)

24.02.2004 The third Concert:


- see the Concert report:Glasgow, Scotland (24.02.2004)



More news about the World Tour 2004 (22.02.2004)

21.02.2004 The second Concert:


- see the Concert report: Gleneagles Hotel, Perthshire, Scotland - second show (21.02.2004)

- A letter "from Jerry to all my fans" send from Graham Knight


The programme includes the following:

Apart from my family, the mosy important people in my life are you,
my fans and friends. Too many young performers seem to forget that
nowadays and that is why their careers don't last too long.
Throughout my life I've been privileged to have the most loyal and
loving fans in the whole of music. This tour with Blondell means a
lot to me personally because as the Chinese say ........
.......This is the year of "The Killer".

My new album "Old Glory" is due out this year and has been superbly
produced by my friend Jimmy Rip. I hear Jimmy is also going to
produce Blondell's next album also. Good one Son, you've got the
best. He annoys me that boy - talented, good looking and intelligent,
reminds me of myself.

The quality and calibre of the people who contributed to "Old Glory"
have been emotional for me and I would like to thank them from the
bottom of my heart. With this year marking the 50th Anniversary
of "Rock n'Roll", I believe there could be some "New Glories" to
match the "Old Glory".
Many thanks to my gorgeous daughter Phoebe and my friends JW Whitten,
Steve Green, and Jim from RNJ for making this "Generations Tour"

Lastly, for the past, the present and the future - thanks to all of
you for tonight.

Be careful there's a "Killer" in town!

God Bless You All, Jerry Lee Lewis



First news about the 2004 World Tour (21.02.2004)

20.02.2004 The first Concert:


- see the Concert report: Gleneagles Hotel, Perthshire, Scotland - first show (20.02.2004)

- A TV recording will be made at Newcastle (26.02.) and a one hour special edition DVD is being planned by the tour promoter. Source: Graham Knight.

- Five shows are now completely sold out: Newcastle, Blackpool, Amsterdam and both shows in Gleneagles. Tickets are still available at Glasgow and Manchester. Source: Graham Knight.


18.02.2004 Jerry arrived in Scotland:


Jerry and his band, including the Memphis Horns and background singers, arrived in Scotland today, after an intermediate landing in Amsterdam. According to TEX (The Travelin' Man) and Graham Knight, he looked fit and well. By request of many fans Kenneth Lovelace, Jerry's bandleader, decided to take his fiddle with him.

A report by Graham Knight from Gleneagles Hotel:

"Jerry was in good shape when he arrived at Edinburgh Airport. He looked well and his handshake is as strong as ever. I gave him some Cuban cigars and we laughed at some old photographs of how we both looked 42 years ago! Jerry was whisked off in promoter Jim o'Neil's Rolls Royce and when he arrived at Gleneagles they had two of those real fire signs like you see at some restaurants lit in his honour. A Scottish piper in full highland dress including the kilt played a welcome tune - although it was not Great Balls of Fire - Jerry appreciated it. The band travelled in a luxury coach that is normally used by Rangers Football Club.

"The hotel ballroom is already set up for the show on Friday and the sound is spectacularly good. The same sound crew will be at all dates. The Newcastle show will be televised so put you cat clothes on as Carl Perkins used to sing."



some news (14.02.2004)

- new Concert 2004 in Memphis



some news (31.01.2004)

- new Concerts 2004



some news (24.01.2004)

- one new Concertdate 2004 - in Scotland



some news (11.01.2004)

- one new Poster under Rarities

- one new Concertdate 2004

- some new 45´s and EP´s listed

- Some new LP´s listed: